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How do I increase my points?

Points are counted by how long you have been online in RaidCall. Every one hour you stay online, one point will be added. The maximum number of points increased for a single day is 24. Any percentages less than one hour will be counted towards the next point. The Point System updates once a day at 8:00AM, EST. If the Point System update is interrupted, the points lost will be counted towards the next calculation.

Does RaidCall keep timing out for you?
Timing out might be caused by the following reasons:

1). Bad Internet connection speed

2). Firewall or Antivirus software

Here is a possible solution for this problem:

1). Test your internet connection speed( and contact your ISP provider. It could be that your internet connection is running at an unsatisfactory speed.

2). Try disabling your firewall and/or antivirus software or reconfiguring the security settings to unblock RaidCall. According to the feedback from our users, another cause for the problem with the log in time-out is possibly caused by the NVIDIA firewall Network Access Manager.

You can remove it from your computer by following these few, easy steps:

control panel → programs and features → NVIDIA ForceWare Network Access Manager →Uninstall

Afterwards, attempt to connect to RaidCall.

I either can't hear others or other people can't hear my voice

Most likely this is a microphone problem.

1.Check that your microphone/headset is properly plugged-in and switched on.

2.Check that your microphone/headset is correctly set up for your operating system.

Test your microphone to see that it works normally.

We recommend you test the microphone/headset with an internal windows sound recorder.

3.Check that your Raidcall is using the correct devices.

A.In Raidcall, open System Settings> Audio Settings> Output Devicesand check that the correct Input/ Output Devices is selected.

B.Input Device is for your voice transmission/recording, and you may have to tweak on it for sound if other people can't hear your voice.

C.Otherwise, you may have to change the output devices (speakers or headset) if you can't hear others speak.

"Robotic" sound/Static/ Word cut offs/ Lag

Internet connection issues are usually the main reason for "Robotic" sounds, occurrences of static, cutoffs in sentence and voice lag. Raidcall is built to adapt to your level and type of connection and provide the best call quality, but if problems persist you may wish to contact your internet service provider with regards to improving the quality of your internet connection.

Research has also shown this problem can also be caused by a combination of the OS and sound card drivers. Many popular sound cards or headsets produce tiny traces of noise. If you are experiencing this issue in other applications as well, please contact the manufacturer of your soundcard or headset for more information.

Other applications running on your computer can also affect your network performance, especially those performing bandwidth-intensive tasks such as video streaming and file downloading. It is best to close these applications while you're talking on Raidcall if you do not have a particularly fast internet connection.

Please be advised that the Static and Robotic problems are not caused by Raidcall. They are either OS or sound card driver related.

What's the difference between hardware processing and software processing?

Hardware Processingoption will use your soundcard to broadcast the music being played on your computer.

TheSoftware Processingoption will have Raidcall initialize music player software to play music through these kinds of software.

How do I activate/disable overlay?

The system's default keyboard shortcut to activate Overlay is "SHIFT+TAB". If you want to use this function while in the middle of gameplay, you activate it with this keyboard shortcut.

You can edit the Overlay activation hotkey and other settings by clicking on "System Settings" and selecting "Overlay Settings" in the pop-up screen.

About fishing for treasure box

Users now have the opportunity to obtain treasure boxes. After all treasure boxes have been taken, the users can check the main page of treasure boxes when it's possible to fish for treasure boxes. It costs 1 Silver to fish for treasure boxes per-time.Good luck!

Are all the activation codes from the "fishing for treasure boxes" valid? Not all codes are valid, some other users could have obtained them in the treasure boxes that have been taken before you can use the option "fishing for treasure boxes". Therefore, some codes may have been used, some maybe have not.

Once I have succesfully fished and got a treasure box, will it be kept in the My Treasure Box section? No, only the treasure boxes you nap before the "fishing for treasure boxes" will be kept in the My Treasure Box section. You have to check the activation codes from the treasure boxes you get from fishing immediately, or you will lose them.

How to add Twitch and YouTube links to RaidCall?

RaidCall offers users to keep up to date with the streams on Twitch TV/Justin TV. Communicate with friends with the coolest and freshest streams on RaidCall. What's more, RaidCall offers chance to group communication together while streaming!

1. Find the steps below to keep up to date with the streams on Twitch TV/Justin TV.

Making it in the form of

RaidCall users are free to share their videos with friends in channels. Watch videos and gossip together, enjoy every minute with RaidCall.

2. Find steps below to share your YouTube Videos!