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How do I create a sub-channel?

After creating a voice group, the group owner and admin can freely create sub-channels. Right click on the group name and select 'create channel' within a group, then input a channel name and click 'ok'. Or you can create a sub-channel by referring to settings within a group.

How do I delete a sub-channel?

If you want to delete a sub-channel, please right click on the sub-channel name and select 'delete' or you can delete by referring to 'settings' within a group.

How do I run channel broadcast?

Right click on a channel name and select 'Broadcast', then edit content while accessing edit page, then click 'ok'.

What is reception channel?

The group admins has been granted the option to set a reception channel, which can be any channel - by default, the Lounge is the reception channel. The reception channels name will be shown in red.

All users connecting to the group will automatically arrive in reception channel if a reception channel has been assigned in group.

Although the users will not arrive in the reception channel if they connect through a friend on their contacts or if they enter through a group invitation.