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How do I add contacts?

a) If you already know your friend's RaidCall ID, please click 'contacts' on the main page, then click 'add a contact' where you can input the contact account, like apple, then click 'next' and follow the steps:

b) Refer to the member list within a voice group, right click on a member's account name, and then click 'add user to contacts.'

What's the difference between 'remove' and 'block' to a contact?

Remove: if A removes B from contacts, B is no longer in A's contacts, but A is still in B's contacts. They still can send messages to each other.

Block: when A blocks B, that means A refuses to receive any messages from B, including contact requests. A is shown offline in B's contacts. Moreover, A can never receive B's messages until unblocked.

How do I set up privacy settings?

1) Left click on the'RaidCall' icon on the main page, then select system settings>privacy settings.

2) Move your cursor to the bottom right hand corner of your task bar, right-click the RaidCall icon, select Settings > Privacy Settings.

What are personal credits?

Personal credits is a new kind of point system introduced in Raidcall - it's currency is Silver.

For the sake of your account security, personal credit can only be checked by the account owner.

Silver can be gained by keeping your account online, one Silver for each hour you're logged on.

If you're logged on for less than an hour, it will be counted and added to the next calculation.

In the future, Silver can be exchanged into gift boxes from treasure boxes.

How do I send files to others?

The Sending Files-function only works amongst contacts. In order to send files to others, you have them added as a contact.

First, open a private message window, then click the 'Send File' button at the upper right corner and choose the file you wish to send.

Hence after you have sent it, the recipient has to choose to accept the file and save it in a location that they desire.

How do I check chat logs?

Currently, RaidCall users can check Private, Group and System Message logs.

There are three ways to check them.

1. Click the RaidCall Logo at the upper left corner, and then choose the option 'Chat Logs'.

2. Click the 'Options' icon at the upper right corner and choose Chat Logs.

3. Click the Chat Logs at the Instant Messaging window.

Once opened, you can check the private, system and group messages there. Please note that you can’t view chat logs of channels in groups, however you can refer back to the 'Member's Chat' of any group.

How do I keep my currently visited group invisible to people and my joined groups private?

In order to protect your privacy, you can keep the channel you are in invisible and make the groups you had joined as private (Which will unable others to see what groups you are a in as a member).

To do this, simply right click the RaidCall logo at the upper right corner, then you can set this settings at the 'Privacy Settings' under the System Settings.

Here, you can see various options. The first four allows you to reject multiple contact methods of (to prevent getting spammed). The fifth and sixth option allow you to hide your location.

About badges

The badges represents your achievements on Raidcall.

How to get badges?

Generally, badges can be earned when you have completed the tasks and activities appointed by Raidcall. The more difficult tasks you complete in the appointed activities, the more opportunity you have to get the rare badges.

How many types of badges are there?

So far, there are 3 kinds of badges: Activity Badge, Services Purchase Badge, and Honored Users Badge.

Activity Badge: it can be earned through activities appointed by Raidcall. Generally, it will be game or entertainment activities. Please keep your eyes on official activities.

Services Purchase Badge: it can be earned when you purchase extra services in Raidcall, such as VIP member and etc. Please notice that this badge is not yet available.

Honored Users Badge: this kind of badge is for the famous and well-known users whose fame have been verified and confirmed by Raidcall. Their fame can come from many areas of expertise - sports related, medias, artists, games, comics and animation, tourism and fashion, and so on.

Where can we see the badges?


Personal info card

Contact list

Private message window

Badge info on personal profile