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How do I activate/disable the RaidCall Overlay?

'RaidCall Overlay' is a newly introduced function of RaidCall which allows gamers to use RaidCall, without having to leave the game. This displays a compact version of the client on your screen.

The default hotkey to activate or hide Overlay is "SHIFT+TAB". You can also change the hotkey of the Overlay should you so desire.

Find System Settings, and then go to Overlay Setting. Then feel free to set your own overlay hotkeys.

What games are supported by RaidCall Overlay?

RaidCall Overlay currently works in 17 games with ongoing developments to support upcoming top PC games.

  • ◆Battlefield Bad Company 2

  • ◆Call of Duty 4 (Singleplayer and multiplayer)

  • ◆DotA 2

  • ◆Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • ◆Guild Wars 2

  • ◆Hero Online

  • ◆League of Legends

  • ◆Operation 7

  • ◆StarCraft II

  • ◆TEN Online

  • ◆Titan Quest Immortal Throne

  • ◆Torchlight

  • ◆Warcraft III

  • ◆Warhammer Online

  • ◆World of Tanks

How do I take screenshots under the RaidCall Overlay function?

With the RaidCall Overlay, you can easily take screenshots. With only one click and it should be in your assigned folder.

Activate your RaidCall Overlay function when playing game, then click the Screenshot button and in order to capture it.

How do I change the RaidCall Overlay voice settings, sidebar and theme?

Click the System Setting button and feel free to set your voice, sidebar and themes.

Overlay Interface

The RaidCall interface includes five buttons: (from left to right) Groups List, Channel Chat, Contact Chat, System Settings and Screenshots.

Buckle up, and enhance your game with the RaidCall Overlay.