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How do I create a voice group?

a) Before accessing a voice group, please make sure that you have read and agree to the voice group policies. Click this link to read the voice group policy:

b) Click on 'create my group' on the main page, and then follow the steps to create a voice group.

What is the difference between member chat groups and group chat?

Member chat groups are discussions between members of a channel in a server.

Group Chat is a discussion between all MEMBERS of a group.

How do I become a group member?

Click on 'apply for member' within a group.

What features are there for group blacklist?

1) Banned Accounts: kicked off from the group and never allowed to access the group or apply for membership without being removing from Banned Accounts.

2) Banned IPs: The IP has been banned. Before removing from Banned IPs, the accounts with a banned IP can never accessthe voice group or apply for membership on any account using that IP.

3) Temporary: Kicked off group temporarily. Time duration is required while taking this operation. The account banned temporarily is unable to access the group until he/she is unbanned automatically.

How do i edit Group/channel Announcement?

1)Right click on your group name while being in group, then select 'View/Edit' to edit content.

2)Right click on your group name in the groups list, then select 'View/Edit' and edit content on announcement tab.

3)You can now add a flash video link URL to the announcement, but Youtube is currently the only website supported.

Now we will introduce how to add a flash link URL to the announcement.

Here is a screenshot - notice the YouTube link that is underlined with red.


Go to the website

Click the 'Share' button below the flash video

Click 'Embed'

If there is any other boxes that's ticked, then untick them.

Tick the box 'Use old embed code'.

Copy the link URL of video (the bit that is underlined with red in the screenshot), then paste it on flash option of channel announcement.

Remember only the URL part of the embed coding must be used.

You can check if it works correctly by clicking the 'Preview' button in the Announcement tab.

Otherwise hit 'Apply' and 'OK', and then you should be able to watch the flash video in the channel announcements.

How do I increase my group's point?

The group's points are based on how long the members stay in the group.If a member stays in a group for one hour, one point will be added to the group. Any parts less than one hour will be added to next calculation. The maximum points for a group in a single day is 480. The levels and their required points are as follows:

How do I create more voice groups?

The amount of groups you can create is based on your RaidCall Level.The requirements are as follows:

What is 'Group' for?

Group is a better social networking service for group members. Once you have become a member of a group by applying or being invited, your account name will be shown on the member list of the group. In the group, the members from all channels can text chat and share pictures and files.

What is contribution? How do I increase my contribution points in a group?

Contribution stands for the duration that a member stays in a group. The longer you stay in a group, the more contribution points you can get in this group. One hour is for one contribution point;any part less than one hour will be added to the next calculation.

I only set up one group, why are there more than one shown in group list?

My groups are only for the groups in which I have become a member or created.

What is membership profile?

The membership profile feature inside of a group can be quite convinient for group administrators to manage their groups members and moderators, since it provides an option to set a custom nickname.

The custom nickname will be displayed inside of that specific group only.

Once you have set up a custom nickname in membership profile, your nickname inside of the group will have a dark blue color.Members who have not set up a membership profile will have their normal nickname displayed in a black color.

This option is only available for members.Each member can set up their own membership profile - admins have the option to set up or change membership profiles for members and ranks above - but not for other admins.

What are group credits?

Group credits is a new kind of group point system in Raidcall - it's currency is Gold.For the sake of the group (and owner account) security, group credit can only be checked by group members and ranks above.

Gold can be gained by members staying online inside of the group. Every time 50 members stay online inside of the group for an hour, one Gold is earned.

In the future, Gold can be exchanged into badges or something else, please follow and pay attention to future updates.

What's Group's nick name?

The function of Group's nick name is very comfortable for Administrators to manage the Group's moderators or group's members. Your Group's nick name is shown only in certain group. If you belong to the group, you are able to use your Group's nick name - it will be visible in channel and chat in dark blue colour. Only Group's members can use Group's nick name function and you can change it at any moment if it is not used. Administrators give the ability of changing Group's nick name to moderators or members, but they are not able to change the other Administrators’ nick name.