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How to run a Sound check.

Run your Soundcheck Wizard on the main page after entering the voice group and then test your voice chat devices according to these guidelines by Raidcall.

What's Music Mode?

Within the Raidcall voice group, you can select the Music Mode by clicking on the Settings option, located in the lower part of the speaker icon.

Music mode is a newly supported feature for users to share their music with others. Currently Raidcall supports the following two different music modes: Hardware Processing and Software Processing.

What's the difference between hardware processing and software processing?

Hardware Processing option will use your soundcard to broadcast the music being played on your computer.

TheSoftware Processing option will have Raidcall initialize music player software to play music through these kinds of software.

I see I can switch chat modes in the channel, what chat modes are supported?

Raidcall currently supports the following three different chat modes:

Free Chat: Everyone can speak with a microphone or text chat in that channel without any restrictions.

Admin Mode: Only the voice group owner/admin or channel admin can speak in that channel.Queue Chat: Users can only speak when queue is enabled.

I either can't hear others or other people can't hear my voice

Most likely this is a microphone problem.

1.Check that your microphone/headset is properly plugged-in and switched on.

2.Check that your microphone/headset is correctly set up for your operating system.

Test your microphone to see that it works normally.

We recommend you test the microphone/headset with an internal windows sound recorder.

3.Check that your Raidcall is using the correct devices.

A.In Raidcall, open System Settings> Audio Settings> Output Devices and check that the correct Input/ Output Devices is selected.

B.Input Device is for your voice transmission/recording, and you may have to tweak on it for sound if other people can't hear your voice.

C.Otherwise, you may have to change the output devices (speakers or headset) if you can't hear others speak.

Unable to save the recorded files

There basically are two ways to fix this issue:

1.Set the voice recording directory as desktop via the System Setting page.

2.Log into Windows as an Administrator.

"Robotic" sound/Static/ Word cut offs/ Lag

Internet connection issues are usually the main reason for "Robotic" sounds, occurrences of static, cutoffs in sentence and voice lag. Raidcall is built to adapt to your level and type of connection and provide the best call quality, but if problems persist you may wish to contact your internet service provider with regards to improving the quality of your internet connection.

Research has also shown this problem can also be caused by a combination of the OS and sound card drivers. Many popular sound cards or headsets produce tiny traces of noise. If you are experiencing this issue in other applications as well, please contact the manufacturer of your soundcard or headset for more information.

Other applications running on your computer can also affect your network performance, especially those performing bandwidth-intensive tasks such as video streaming and file downloading. It is best to close these applications while you're talking on Raidcall if you do not have a particularly fast internet connection.

Please be advised that the Static and Robotic problems are not caused by Raidcall. They are either OS or sound card driver related.

How can I change the volume of music?

This is very simple:

For Software Processing go to your music player and then adjust the music volume via the player directly.

For Hardware Processing, locate Volume icon on your taskbar and double click to open Volume Control dialog box to adjust the volume of your computer.

Can I play music and share it with friends with Raidcall in Windows 7?

Yes, Raidcall Version 7.0.2 has the new feature Music Mode. Simply choose Music Mode- Hardware processing (Software processing) to play music.

With Realtek HD Audio my microphone only picks up noise and static, music is barely audible

Select Music Mode- Software Processing and the noise should subside.

When I run Raidcall the volumes of other applications drop

If you are running Vista or later this is a feature, to solve this issue either disable the feature in Windows 7 (Right click the audio icon in the taskbar, select recording devices, go to the Communications tab and select Do Nothing and click Apply and ok. The volume levels should return then to normal in Windows 7) or you can just checkbox the option Disable Automated Volume Adjustment (for Windows 7) on the Raidcall System Settings page.

How does the feature of recording work?

Click on the button Record to start recording at the bottom of channel page. Click Record again to finish. Raidcall will initialize the directory for the recorded file automatically once if you finish recording.

Other users tell me that I produce echoes. How do I fix this problem?

There are basically three ways echoes can occur:

1.Sound from another user's speakers/headphones is likely being transmitted from your microphone. If this occurs it is better to switch your speakers off when Raidcall is on and instead use a headset to hear.

2.Your stereo mix is transmitting all the sound that you hear in addition to your own sound.

3.Other users are possibly using faulty sound cards or headsets. These can produce tiny traces of echo.

What is echo cancellation?

Echo cancellation basically prevents echoes caused by speakers or poor microphones/headsets. It only works on free mode and queud mode.

Please notice that echo cancellation may affect the quality of users singing.

If you think that the echo cancellation makes your microphone quality worse, then you can turn it off by going into 'Audio Settings', and clicking 'Audio Manual Adjustment', and unticking the box that says 'Echo Cancellation'.