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RaidCall is the Best Group Communication Software

RaidCall makes communication with groups of people fast and easy. Using minimal CPU resources, this free software is the ideal group communication solution for all types of users, especially online gamers looking to utilize effective teamwork. RaidCall also offers unique features such as Hi-Fi voice chat for groups of up to 10,000 people, optional speaking modes, and flexible group management tools.

RaidCall is the ultimate group communication software for work, family, and fun

What is Group Communication?

Group communication involves a limited number of people in which information, ideas, and decisions are shared, developed, and made. Group communication can happen between anyone, between friends and family, and at any time and place - at the office, in the break room, or during an intense video game session.

RaidCall and Group Communication

RaidCall is a free, elegant and simple group communication software that allows you to instantly communicate with groups of people. It brings together elements of instant messaging, group communication and voice chat into a professional group communication software.

RaidCall is the Best and the most popular Group Communication Software

With the increasing usage of free group communication software like RaidCall, group communication can even happen between people in completely separate locations. What RaidCall does is enable group communication through HD voice chat and instant messaging.
Founded in 2010, RaidCall has delivered crystal-clear, uninterrupted group communication service to over 10 million registered users, including world famous professional gaming teams like Fnatic and Evil Geniuses. Its plethora of unique built-in features such as the ability to fluidly communicate with up to 20,000 people in a single conversation, easily makes RaidCall the ultimate group communication software for work, family, and fun.